You can join the CitiZens of NooPolis and get a BankAccount at PieschenBank if you
  • agree to RightsAndDuties
  • contact one of the CitiZens via a SocialNetwork, such as:
  • RainerWasserfuhr: [FaceBook:509034915] [SkyPe:wasserfuhr] [LinkedIn:rainer] [XingLe:Rainer_Wasserfuhr] [TwittEr:rainer] [StudiVz:764e409c9a05fe31]
  • RalfLippold: [XingLe:Ralf_Lippold] [TwittEr:RalfLippold] [SkyPe:frisbeeralf] [FaceBook:1210500545]
  • ChristineSchlinck: [XingLe:Christine_Schlinck] [TwittEr:tineroyal] [SkyPe:schlinck] [FaceBook:718970549] [FlickEr:lifecosmos]
  • HeidiMorgenstern: [XingLe:Heidi_Morgenstern3] [TwittEr:HKMorgenstern] [SkyPe:heidi.morgenstern] [FaceBook:100001467727527]
  • agree that you have a WikiHomePage in the MindWiki under your RealName,
  • agree that your RealName is publicly accessible and information about you may be found in GoogleSearch in the future,
  • receive an invitation TAN from her,
  • agree to the ConStitution.
  • After registering you obtain a MindId with your LogIn to our WebApp's. You have almost every FreeDom and can participate: HowWeWork.