RightsAndDuties for CitiZens of NooPolis:

(A summary of the ConStitution)


  • be listed with your RealName in the public MindWiki (and thus in GoogleSearch)
  • all your WikiPage edits, electoral votes or bank transfers are public and are archived long term by SocialBackup
  • CitiZens invited by you also have to be unique PerSon's and also have to agree to the rules of the ConStitution hold.) Otherwise, there is collective liability and harsh sentences at the MindCourt ;)
  • Rights:

  • receive WelcomeMoney
  • buy services in the MindShop
  • trade shares of virtual EnterPrise's on the MindFloor
  • WorkForShares
  • find services on the MarketPlace
  • contribute to the ConStitution and GovernmentBudget
  • be a candidate for the CabiNetElection
  • EarnKayGroschen