NooPolis is a WikiBased game that simulates a self-organizing MicroNation with a VirtualEconomy. NooPolis is a SocialNetwork of CitiZens, based on a WebOfTrust and mutual responsibility. We
  • create, DeBate and evolve the ConStitution for one of the simplest and most TransParent virtual economic, legal and political systems on PlanetEarth
  • DeBate and decide about the GovernmentBudget
  • elect the CabiNet at the CabiNetElection
  • have a BankAccount for receiving and transferring the virtual currency »KayGroschen«
  • create virtual products and offer them in the MindShop
  • announce their demand for products and services on the MarketPlace
  • found StartUp's which can be traded on the MindFloor
  • understand, discuss and shape the AcceleratingChange's in science, technology and global markets by actively defining ForeSight scenarios on a FutureMap for the TwentyFirstCentury
  • improve the LifeExpectancy of all CitiZens and respect their LastWill.
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