Just imagine your new born baby. Let's call her Ada. Imagine Ada lying in front of you on the changing table, while you care about her pampers for the first time: <>

Suddenly you notice, that she can already speak. She talks to you in the soft tone of a baby, but with a perfect grammar and a WortSchatz of an adult. <>

Imagine it to be born with a level of cognitive development that would be equivalent to a ProFessor of computer science. <>

[cc|http://www.flickr.com/photos/83823904@N00/1419881250/] Now image this baby to grow up. Due to the superb quality of your own genes and your exemplary education, she will be able to
  • remember each article of WikiPedia,
  • record each license plate she sees,
  • store each single beam of light that touches her retina.